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Early Childhood

SJPS is studying the feasibility of creating an early childhood center within our community. The 2021 Strategic planning efforts identified early childhood education as one of the five main goals for the future direction of the district.


Guided by that plan, and the continuation of that community work in 2023, the district has studied enrollment, program models, staffing, and facilities to support this strategic goal.


The district has been intentional about working with community partners to communicate this goal throughout this process.

Facility Assessment

We are proud to provide best-in-class academic and co-curricular facilities for our students and families. We take pride in managing these community assets and want to thank the people from St. Joseph for the history of support and for participating as we look to our future needs.


As part of our strategic plan efforts, we’ve begun the process of studying and evaluating our current facilities to plan for upcoming maintenance and updates and look at future needs. This began with an in-depth building analysis and followed with stakeholder meetings.


As we continue to identify our highest priorities, we invite you to come alongside us and participate over the next year and beyond!

Project Timeline

High Level Bond Timeline High Res.jpg

Questions or comments?

We'd love to hear from our community. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, please email us.

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